Monday, January 23, 2012


It's hard to design a pretty cartoon girl with a distinct look, that's why so many of our favorite cartoon girls look alike, it's really about idealization of certain traits. Here are a few caricatures / attempts at specificity


Nicolas Martinez said...

Beautiful! I love the first one!

Pedro Vargas said...

Really nice, Amir! Love the hair in the first one. I always love how you ink.

Yeah, doing disctinct cartoony girls are hard. It takes me a while to get the likeness in.

I usually copy a photo of a girl realistically first and then write down notes of what makes her seem so distinct, like round face, elongated forehead, slanted eyes, etc. Then I caricature those features and keep doing more caricatures to get more accustomed to her general look. Once I feel like I have a grasp of how she looks, I then try to do some simplified, cartoony versions of those caricatures until I feel like I found the right one for a cartoony look. I put the caricature and photo side by side to make sure the drawing feels and looks exactly like the girl.

I got this from John K. when he posted some of his caricature studies on his blog when I had to do the Nicki Clyne fan 'zine.

I wasn't really expecting to write so much info on how I usually go about it, and it's more on making a caricature of a person rather than creating a random distinct cartoon girl, but I think some of it still applies and thought this might be helpful to you if you wanna continue drawing more specific cute girls.

Amir Avni said...

Nico- Thank you!

Fantastic methodology, Perdo! Thanks for sharing :D

Pedro Vargas said...

No problem! It takes me a while to get used to doing caricatures and I'm still trying to learn stuff whenever I get the chance. I wish I could do 'em on the spot though like many awesome artists.