Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I can breath again

This is my flour sack, Animated fully in flash, without tweening god forbid! I like using flash to mimic classical animation because you can change the spacing without changing the drawing, the onion skin mode alows you to see your arcs very clearly, and focus on the timing without worrying about other stuff.

Well, First year has come to an end, It's been one heck of a ride!

My favorite learning experience this year has been assisting Nick Thornborrow on his wonderful grad film "The Foolish Bet". Mitch and I really benefited from working for someone so talented and knowledgeable, He's a natural born director. It was a thrill to see it with an audience today at the fourth year screening, sensing and hearing the enthusiastic response.

Of all I've seen today, "Key Lime Pie" by Trev Jimemez was Simply incredible!
I'd like to further congratulate Sam Bradley-- The Lighthouse was full of energy! Shaz Lym--the Scooter Goon is a really great cartoon!
Casper, Tim, Olga, Johannes... you guys did our school justice.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007