Saturday, March 22, 2008

Keepin' it Old School

It's the Easter weekend break, I decided to take Friday off for some personal cartoon work, and it ends up being school related! GAWD...

This season is pretty demanding, The school workload and Canadian winter have pretty much stranded us to the light table for the past 3 months, But I'm often reminded of the good points to being here.

Among them is Johnny Williamson, The guy on the left. I haven't written about him yet, He's one of the best teacher's I've ever had, and probably ever will.
He's not only an excellent animator, He's a genuinely warm person, And he treats each and everyone of us on a personal level. Thats right, All 120+ of us! His ability to give is exceptional.

Another teacher I haven't yet written about is Scott Caple, He's one of the best draftsmen I've ever met, The past class he gave us a demonstration of how he goes about shading his layouts on a separate sheet of tracing paper, I learn a lot from seeing these folks draw!

There's 4 weeks till the end of the term, I'm looking forward to see my family again...There's light at the end of the carpal tunnel, And until then, I gotta go back to my homework.

Oh! Thanks to our pal Pete for coming to this week's cartoon night! We had a lot of fun listening to your so-called "useless trivia" while watching Tex Avery!

see ya later.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cartoon Night...

...With classic film interludes

Tonight was the first screening,
I shared my favorite Clampett cartoons: The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, Tortoise Wins By A Hare, Tale of Two Kitties, Russian Rhapsody, Draftee Daffey, Baby Bottleneck and others, we wrapped it up with Coal Black, and had a load of laughs! Thanks for comin' guys.

This is an open screening, so everybody at Sheridan is invited: Wednesdays 8-10 (ish) B125.
...I know how tight school is now, that's why I started a fun night!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Plan B

Hey folks, I don't have the license from Dreamworks to sell these (even though I'm convinced they would sell like hotcakes) so I'm gonna resort to plan B and give my pals a plug:

Nick Thornborrow's cool grad film The Foolish Bet is available on-line on his blog! Mitch Kennedy and I had a blast assisting him on the film.

Alessandro Piedimonte: check out the day to day postings of a modern day renaissance artist!

Seo Kim has a very unique style and natural ability, She's currently in first year of Sheridan's animation program, I'm learning a lot from seeing her draw.