Thursday, March 06, 2008

Plan B

Hey folks, I don't have the license from Dreamworks to sell these (even though I'm convinced they would sell like hotcakes) so I'm gonna resort to plan B and give my pals a plug:

Nick Thornborrow's cool grad film The Foolish Bet is available on-line on his blog! Mitch Kennedy and I had a blast assisting him on the film.

Alessandro Piedimonte: check out the day to day postings of a modern day renaissance artist!

Seo Kim has a very unique style and natural ability, She's currently in first year of Sheridan's animation program, I'm learning a lot from seeing her draw.


lex76 said...

Thank's Amir I'm sure that Shrek head would be popular and sooo cheap!

Nico said...

No, ogres are NOT like cakes.

haha, great job dude

amir avni said...

Alessandro- Thanks, I mean would anybody in their right mind pay LESS for such a head? It's practically a steal! My surveys show that collectors would buy at least two.

Nico- Glad ya like, I added your link.

Matías Hannecke said...

yeah. I'd pay $ 799499.99 for that. I'd sleep beside it and spoon it at night.

Mitch L said...

Long time no post, Amir.

I def would buy it! It would be a nice decoration and indeed for such a low price.

Great links! Being on school with such great talents around must give allot of energy.