Monday, March 26, 2007

The Master Copy assignment

Our painting teacher Tim assigned us to choose a painting done by an artist we admire and paint along their lines. I think this was a great assignment, I love to take the time to appreciate a still image and learn every line of it.

first draft and correction of line drawing

working print
Our class is tomorrow. Today I ran into Pete Emslie, As always, he was kind enough to spare his time and look at my work. "It looks like you worked hard on your behalf" he said "But what kind of brush are you using?" He read right through it "A very old brush I need to replace" Pete went along and explained the kind of brush and method that would boost up a piece like this from his own experience. I love Pete's critiques, he hits the nail right in the head. I feel lucky to have such a good cartoonist, and a genuinly good person around!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Read Between the Frames

My proposal for the 2007 Sheridan animation t-shirt, inspired by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, creator of the original graphic t-shirt. If you'd like to wear this design make sure to vote, your opinion counts.
Note that my character is using top pegs, I'm an anarchist!

Caricature Night

Nothin' like a drawing night with fellow cartoonists.
From the left, your hosts: Brock, Amir and Mitch. Picture by Melanie

Those two caricatures of Brock were my favorite

A later caricature of Mitch. He may look innocent but he gets MAD, lemme tell ya!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Babes on a train!

Transit Sketches

Another version of the same chap.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Animation Assignment

This is a three part assignment: head turn, lip sync and expression change--ACTING! I went an extra mile with this one, T'was our first chance to choose a character we loved, make it act and have total freedom with it. This is personification, how I would react if I slipped a "Meoww" instead of properly whistling at little red riding hood.
for those of you who asked, I didn't physically act it out, I did it with thumbnail drawings.

I love Tex Avery's cartoons, but he wasn't an influence for the animation itself.
More direct influence came from my favorite golden age animators: Rod Scribner (for Bob Clampett's Looney Tunes) and Jim Tyer (for Terrytoons), their acting was over the top, and very physical, which made it look believable.
Our animation history teacher, and brilliant cartoon animator, Kaj Pindal, noted Gertie the Dinosaur looks believable when scratching herself. When a well animated character touches itself, we believe its alive.

And for students who inquired, the characters are taken from RED HOT RIDING HOOD.