Friday, March 16, 2007

Caricature Night

Nothin' like a drawing night with fellow cartoonists.
From the left, your hosts: Brock, Amir and Mitch. Picture by Melanie

Those two caricatures of Brock were my favorite

A later caricature of Mitch. He may look innocent but he gets MAD, lemme tell ya!


Mitch K said...

That Mitch guy is a hunk.

Brock cracks me up. He's a living cartoon.

You kicked our polite bottoms that night. Keep going with those caricatures!

brockorama said...

Goo goo GAH GAH! I've always said the best way to draw me is draw a large baby and slap a beard on it. Oh, and "Waahh" by the way.

toonamir said...

hahaha you guys ARE living cartoons!

GHGraphics said...

Man that one of Brock as a baby is probably one of the best caricatures of him I've EVER seen!!!