Monday, March 26, 2007

The Master Copy assignment

Our painting teacher Tim assigned us to choose a painting done by an artist we admire and paint along their lines. I think this was a great assignment, I love to take the time to appreciate a still image and learn every line of it.

first draft and correction of line drawing

working print
Our class is tomorrow. Today I ran into Pete Emslie, As always, he was kind enough to spare his time and look at my work. "It looks like you worked hard on your behalf" he said "But what kind of brush are you using?" He read right through it "A very old brush I need to replace" Pete went along and explained the kind of brush and method that would boost up a piece like this from his own experience. I love Pete's critiques, he hits the nail right in the head. I feel lucky to have such a good cartoonist, and a genuinly good person around!


Lior said...

hello there :)
my name is Lior 15 years old, I'm an artist too.
I'm from Israel and now I'm learning in the Tel Aviv Museum of art for 7 yers already.
I really really liked your works! you're really talented!!!
i would like to keep in touch with you so here is my mail: or


Robin Hall said...

Pete is a really brilliant teacher, I was fortunate enough to have him second year. Tim's also great!

Keep up the good work, change your brush, I'll check back again :)