Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Animation Assignment

This is a three part assignment: head turn, lip sync and expression change--ACTING! I went an extra mile with this one, T'was our first chance to choose a character we loved, make it act and have total freedom with it. This is personification, how I would react if I slipped a "Meoww" instead of properly whistling at little red riding hood.
for those of you who asked, I didn't physically act it out, I did it with thumbnail drawings.

I love Tex Avery's cartoons, but he wasn't an influence for the animation itself.
More direct influence came from my favorite golden age animators: Rod Scribner (for Bob Clampett's Looney Tunes) and Jim Tyer (for Terrytoons), their acting was over the top, and very physical, which made it look believable.
Our animation history teacher, and brilliant cartoon animator, Kaj Pindal, noted Gertie the Dinosaur looks believable when scratching herself. When a well animated character touches itself, we believe its alive.

And for students who inquired, the characters are taken from RED HOT RIDING HOOD.


Mitch K said...

That rotation is pretty solid!

The ending is hilarious, too. I think that second drawing of Red Hot works MUCH better than the first.

Kaj's suggestions are super funny. He's not too fond of this assignment, is he? haha I love that guy. Animation history is an awesome class.

Great work! Nice drawings!

brockorama said...

Way to go Amir! Thats a very unique way to show embarrassment, and physical too, using his own hands to push his head away in shame. Nice!

toonamir said...

thanks guys!
mitch- yurp, kaj thinks the excercise is too stiff and mechanical. though I love animation history class, I'd love him to teach the craft of animating even more, it's first hand knowledge from the second generation of cartoon animators. better in person than from a book.
he's always up for questions and comments, and to look at our work, it's great.

NorthstarDesign said...

Oh beautiful!!! Dude, this is perhaps the best thing I've ever seen from you so far. How many frames is the final part, after he does the meow? I imagine it must of taken a long time in order to look good ( which it does ).

ryan said...

holy shit that was really mother fucking good, and SOLID!

the arms-grabbing-head-twist-around segment was extremely well done

Anonymous said...

אמיר!!! זאת שרון הילדה הקטנה שפעם פעם לימדת לצייר... אמא שלך מכירה את אמא שלי! אמא שלי מסג'יסטית אתה זוכר אותה?
טוב, בכל זאת אתה מצייר מדהים ועוד נשארו לי הדפים שצילמת לי על איך לצייר כלב ומה הן הבעות פניו. תמשיך לצייר הכי יפה שבעולם!