Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Big Lips= Success?

Theoretically, If you have big lips, you can become an instant commercial success. Let us examine this argument carefully:

Big Lips+Talent=Rock Star. Talent gives Mick Jagger prestige among pop musicians, because it is quite rare among them today. As far as I know the stones wrote their own material which makes me nostalgic for yesterday's music and respectful for their ongoing popularity.
Notice the subject matter the stones chose for their logo, there has got to be a connection.

Goldilocks here was the hardest to draw, she's not easy to exaggerate since she's quite symmetrical...and...dare I say? Prettyful. Of course big lips can't be entirely the explanation for Scralet's success, she's very popular now, but it took her quite a few years in the business to get there. I've never seen any movie with Scarlet Johanson, but I've heard she's alright, and so I can put that in my critique.

--Comments & Criticism welcome


Tasch said...

Those are really great. I like the Scarlet Johanson one the best, actually, it's spot on.

Marlo Meekins said...

these are nice, i agree the scarlett is best is a nice likeness and less complex.

love, Marlo

amir avni said...

Thanks Tasch and Marlo

Alina Chau said...

THese are v cool, my favourite is your take on Johanson too.

Brian said...

The Mick Jagger is my favorite overall. The RS logo needs a little work though.

The lips on Angelina are really good. Best part of all three pics, imo.

Mitch K said...

Uggghhh Beautiful. Too beautiful.

Will Finn said...

These are stunning! I don't know where to start--the LEBOWSKI John Goodman is nothing short of perfect! And those creepy babyheads are unbelievable!

I am the most unreliably hit-and-miss caricaturist in animation and am always awestruck by someone who can nail a likeness...these are all fine drawings!!!

amir avni said...

Alina and Mitch- Glad you like!

Brian- How would you change the stones logo? I wanted it slightly off and relating to Mick's expression.

Will- Thanks! It really means a lot coming from you.

Brian said...

Brian- How would you change the stones logo? I wanted it slightly off and relating to Mick's expression.

Kind of more exaggerated but still easily recognizable. Like you did Angie's lips but crossed with the original RS logo. More 3D looking.

The way you did it just seems a little too off and flat...if that makes sense.

I still love the way you drew Mick. He's perfect.

The line quality is really good on all of these.

Brian said...

The RS logo you did isn't completely flat of course. I didn't mean it that way. It just doesn't pop out at you as if they're almost real like Angie's lips do.

Hope that helps.

Clinton said...

very nice stuff, amir!