Friday, January 11, 2008

More insturctional art from John

This post is for Hector:

These were drawn in summer 1999. John started each drawing with a quick silhouette using the side of his pencil (you can identify those lines as being wider and lighter) later adding construction and at last, detail. Showing me how simple objects like Jimmy's tie, and more complicated forms Like George's head can be done in construction. The drawings of Jimmy's hair were done to show how breaking forms down to simple construction can help us visualize them in different angles. I love the tangible quality of these drawings.


Mitch Leeuwe said...

Cool too have original drawings, thanks for sharing.

Can you tell/show what the best way to draw the head of george is? I find it hard to ad the cheeks. Like on Elmer Fudd.

amir avni said...

Mitch, I'll draw a tutorial for you, It may take me a while now that school started, But I'll make time for it.

Chris S. said...
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Hector G.M. said...

Hey thanks amir!
I just barely got around to seeing this post. I was without internet access for a while.
This is great stuff.