Tuesday, February 12, 2008

When Sobchaks attack

Mouth sync
Uploaded by toonamir

Animated GIF with clearer image.

Rough animation: Mouth and body lip sync to John Goodman's dialogue in The Big Lebowski.I lined up the video twice during each file, because the new player tends to lag.
Mark Mayerson made some great specific suggestions, that helped improve the sync and animation, Thanks Mark!

Looking back at this drawing I made last June, There's some changes I'd make to it, like starting the mustache line from the corner of the nose and not from the nostril, which is how I drew him for animation.
A good way to figure out how to improve your drawings is called a "drawer test" as in shoving your drawing in the drawer, and looking back at it with fresh eyes, some details are hard to see while you're absorbed in the making of it.

In the video below, Joel and Ethan Coen discuss the making of The Big Lebowski, from the initial idea, to development for the screen. (Warning: Not for kiddies!)

The basic idea was conceived by taking the narrative style of Raymond Chandler (Author of The Big Sleep) and casting a main character who's least equipped to deal with it- for comical possibilities. I like their thinking! One of my favorite movies.


Mitch K said...

"DREAM" exaggeration is hilarious. haha

I love the B-mouth, it's FUNNY! and it adds to the impact of the following vowel.

Try protruding your O-mouths a little more.

Man, you can draw a nice mouth! I love that floppy tongue! haha

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, Thank you for the information. I would also like to thank you for the inspiration, as an offhand comment you wrote inspired a great deal of thought, and I enjoy thinking. I wrote down my thoughts on my blog, but they are quite lengthy.

I would like to make a small correction to your post Why I'm not a house style kid. In your post, you claim that Mario was drawn in the rubber hose style. In fact, Mr. Miyamoto designed him out of colored blocks. This was necessary in the Radar Scope engine that his team was using. He redesigned the character for promotional art with the appearance and technique you used and mentioned. As an amateur historian, pedantry is one of my unfortunate qualities.