Friday, April 24, 2009

2009 Highlights: part 1

Part 1- Assisting Brock

Every year I have helped a 4th year friend with their film, last year it was Randeep Katari, Two years ago Nick Thornoborrow, and this year- Brock Gallagher, who has been an inspiration to me throughout my time in school.
I was fortunate enough to do clean-up on some of Brock's finest scenes, boy I learned a lot from flipping his animation drawings!

Brock is brilliant at every aspect of film-making, he is not only a wonderful animator, story and gag man, he has the skill to see to the core of things and bind them together in the best possible way, that's why his film is cohesive in every respect, One of the best cartoons I've seen in recent years.

Go watch his film- THE PEASANT AND THE ROOT!

Brock has also been generous to contribute his voice talent for the brother character in my upcoming film.

Picture taken by Peter Emslie at Geoff Milne's recording studio

Part Two: the Annie Awards

I will write about this in detail when the ceremony will be posted on the ASIFA-Hollywood Archive blog...

Part Three: interviewing animation legend and wonderful friend Kaj Pindal

In progress...


brockorama said...

Amir man, thanks for the kind words! You definitely have been an inspiration to me. You push poses and expressions to levels I could never reach! Thanks so much for helping out with the cleanup. It was truly a crime that so much of your juicy linework had to get hidden in the coloring process. Oh well! The film certainly would not have gotten done without YOU man! I wish you all the best!

Benjamin Anders said...

I can't wait for more updates! Brock's film is really well done. I'm so glad he posted it up.

I cannot wait for you to get started on your fourth year film. I'll gladly help out with anything! :)

Ps: I have a special blog post for you! Check it out!

Mitch K said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! This has been a really good year for you!

Too bad I couldn't have been there again during your Kaj interviews! But I guess that's my fault. haha Those interviews are now an important part of history. Great work!

Amir Avni said...

Hey Mitch

Thanks! We did have a fun time at Kaj's the first time I interviewed him :]

Emily said...


Just scrolled down to see your art! It all looks great. I esp. like those storyboard drawings below with the son character whose face stretches wonderfully. Very nice meeting you at the ASIFA booth at Comic-Con.

Keep up the excellent work!