Tuesday, August 04, 2009

2009 Highlights #2: All About the Annie Awards

During the past summers, when on break from college, I've made it a habit to come volunteer at the ASIFA-Hollywood Archive, Since it was so much fun, It didn't cross my mind to get anything in return for it...until this year's Annie Awards!
I was awarded with a Certificate of Merit,
There were 3 other winners in this cathegory: Alex Vassilev (Computer genius, Ace volunteer and roomate =] ) Kathy Turner and Mike Fontanelli.

In this picture, ASIFA-Hollywood president and geniuinly wonderful guy Antran Manoogian presents us to the audience at UCLA'S Royce Hall. We had the Honor of going on stage after Nick Park, who got his Winsor McCay Life Time Achievement Award. He also won an Annie for Best Animated Short : Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death, well deserved!

Picture by Claudio Riba
Wallace and Gromit have always been among my favorite cartoons, Upon meeting Mr. Park I said "Your Lordship! This IS an honor!" we shook hands and he laughed with delight. For such a highly acclaimed creative genius, I could not believe how humble he was! We ended up chatting about mutual TV favorite "Doctor Who"

Picture by Dan Riba
Hero of all independent Animators: Bill Plympton

Mr. Lawrence: Great cartoonist and super nice guy, perhaps best known as the voice of the evil Plankton on "Spongebob"! He directed "The Huanted World of El Superbeasto", soon available DVD

I'm still inspired by all the people I got to chat with back stage and at the cocktail party: Vincent Waller, Dan Riba, Shawn Patterson, Jorge Guttierez, Henry Selick, Matt Groening, Peter Avanzino, Tom Minton, James Baxter...It was such a fun night, there's nothing quite like a Hollywood award show.


Maya said...

can we add color to these comments? cuz mine will be all GREEN :)
just kidding - a giant WTG, buddy!!

Mitch K said...

This is really cool, Amir! Schmoozin' with all of the bigshots! Way to go! :D

Chenny said...

Congradulations Amir! that's amazing :) it's so great you got to meet all those awesome animators!

Frank Macchia said...

Congrats Amir. Sounds like an incredible experience...what did Matt Groening have to say?

Amir Avni said...

Thanks Maya, Mitch, Cheyenne and Frank! :)

Maya- I think colors are a clever Idea :)

I approached Matt Groening saying I was a fan of his book "School is Hell". He asked me about my award, and I said it was for volunteer work at the ASIFA-Hollywood Archive. Then he said "I thought you directed Kung Fu Panda" That was a good laugh. We traded business cards. looks like a nice guy :)

Cristian Camaroschi said...

congrats man!

Keelamari said...

Congratulations, Amir! Sounds like an awesome night!