Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3D Practice

This is a scene I made, to practice some 3D/Maya Animation.
It was mostly done by using key frames and not much tweaking of splines in the Graph Editor. Maybe I can find a good tutorial somewhere about giving more punch to the animation by tweaking the splines. I signed up for lynda.com for their Maya Essential Training tutorial, Highly recommended! Thanks for letting me know about this, Mitch!
The character rig is from 11secondclub.com

comments and critiques are welcome

The voice is Julian Barrat's, and the clip is taken from "The Mighty Boosh" 2x05 "The Legend of Old Gregg"


Mitch K said...

Pretty good Amir! I wasn't aware that you had a handle on Maya!

Austin Papageorge said...

This I mist say- even though I can't use sound on the computer I'm using now- I could tell that your animation had the character say something that rhymed with "live". So I'd say your lip animation is very good.

In fact, I found all of your animation takes effective- even without sound.

Anonymous said...

Very good Maya animation, Amir. Doesn't seem easy to do though.

Sorry about the comment that I submitted on Sunday's post. I just wanted to express my thoughts on that subject and that I wasn't trying to start any controversy with it.

Amir Avni said...

Thanks Mitch, Austin and Roberto!

Roberto- I thought your comment was good, I tried to publish it but it kept giving an 'error' page.

Brendan Carroll said...

Hey if you're looking for a good Maya graph ed. animation resource... this is a good book;


You can pick up a copy on Amazon.

Great work!!

Amir Avni said...

Thanks Brendan!