Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An artist thinks like an artist

Listening to Steven Moffat is inspiring. It's very clear that how he constructs his stories is very different than how the fans and the media deconstruct them (in effort to understand or categorize them).

A few favorite bits:

Q: Did you anticipate writing for an American audience as you went into the new series?

A: I don't even anticipate writing for a British audience, I just think "what would be really really cool to happen in 'Doctor who'? How else do you write stories? I entertain myself and hope it entertains other people"

Q: I've heard that you were aiming for 'A dark fairy tale' with the series, can you explain how is that coming across?

A: To, be honest, the whole 'dark fairy tale' thing is because people jammed my arm behind my back and demanded that I label it somehow, and I suppose that is a reasonable label for it... as I'm sure we all know putting "dark" in front of "fairy tale" is entirely redundant, that is until Disney re-made the fairy tales, and de-fanged it.

Steven Moffat
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Steven M. said...

His words ring true like church bells. I can easily see how this translates to animation and cartoons.

Sheila Stephani said...

BIG fan of Steve moffatAmir. Thanks for posting.