Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TAAFI 2016 was a huge success!

Priceless souvenirs from our happy speakers! It was an honour to be their liaison! So happy to have brought my friend from the Spumco chat palace days, Michael Rianda to speak about storytelling and Gravity Falls! Everyone was a huge hit!

Old chat room friends united, Michael Rianda and yours truly

From Grayden Liang's Canadian Animation blog:
Attendants to Michael's workshop. His lovely wife Molly is to his right
TAAFI's speaker outreach coordinator Karen Jackosn to my left.

It was Michael's idea for us all to jump

Willie Ito, yours truly and Tony Benedict

Fascinated by Eric Goldberg's drawing ability. 

Attendants to Eric Goldberg's workshop, photo by Grayeden Liang.
Running around with my speakers all weekend was some of the best time I've ever had!

WATCH a wonderful Interview with Eric Goldberg, from Grayden Liang's Canadian Animation Blog:

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