Saturday, March 04, 2017

"Home" scenes from "Party of Slumbers" and "Queen of Thighs"

Scenes I animated on "Oh's Party of Slumbers" from the first season of "Home: Adventures of Tip and Oh" available on Netflix .I did more on the episode but these are my favorites. There are some influences from the Simpsons (Oh's expression after he bumps into Kyle) and TMS animation here (Oh balancing and speeding up when changing the direction of his run).


When I get a storyboard as great as the one in the upper left corner to work from, I swear to “first do no harm”. Then I “plus it” where I can. I adapted the storyboard artist’s poses as closely as I could while aspiring to other goals: push them to higher intensity and flexibility while staying “on model”.

The animation is all on twos, I tried to maximize “hang time” by favouring anticipation and extreme poses and spending as little time as possible on the characters going across the screen, also to displace them in a way that doesn’t strobe. Oh is rounder and can slide more than Lucy, so I used him to lead the big actions, he moves first. The first time they go across the screen, Lucy still favours her previous pose, there is no drawing of her smack in the middle that first time. The next few times they go across, there is a breakdown drawing based on the pose by the board artist, the characters bend down, that bending breaks down the action and keeps it from strobing, still there is only one drawing smack in the middle. In the drawings right before the middle position, some parts of the characters lead into the next pose, but the bulk of them still favours the previous pose.

You should watch this episode of “Home” especially for the “Thigh Power” song, the hardest part of the NDA was not being able to hum it next to anyone who didn’t work on the show until it was released, I worked remotely, across the continent from everyone else who worked on it and the song was really catchy.

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