Thursday, November 16, 2006

"I'll have to learn all your ugly secrets!"

Here's my contribution to the "Wall of Witches" in the animation lab.
Most people point out they like the nose hair.


Mitch K said...

My favorite part is the chin hair! haha

The lines are awesome, and so is the design!

keenan said...

i really like your stuff ... yoo sure eez talented!!! keep up da awesome work!! =D

keenan said...

.... oh we also have our own wall filled with random stuff ... mostly caricatures of fellow classmates and our lecturer! ... only myself and one other person participated ... it sure was fun tho ... and funny as hell!!! ... coll drawings ... AGAIN! hehe =P

toonamir said...

thanx for the comments
yous guys.
Keenan, I've been to Cape Town a long time ago, it's really a beautiful Place!