Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Think Fink

Last Thursday we had a visit from Sheridan grad Mike Roberts.
He animated “Tales of Rat Fink” all by himself. I haven’t heard of the film before,
but now that I’ve seen it, I highly recommend it.
“Tales of Rat Fink” is a part animated/ part live-action biography of pop culture icon Ed Roth.
Ed isn’t a household name, but his influence is phenomenal.
He revolutionized the world of Hot Rods and created the graphic T-shirt (“before him they were just underwear!”) He’s best known for designing the character of Rat Fink: A grotesque monster resembling Mickey Mouse… after a nuclear shower.
This is a classic fun-to-learn documentary, giving the deserving recognition to this pop culture icon. If your stuck for inspiration, or just looking for movie night ideas, think fink!


Anonymous said...

hey man,

glad you enjoyed the movie... Hope everyone could hear me. Or at least that good music was playing in their ipods at the time...


Mitch K said...

Hey... I HAVE seen this character before... man, I missed out on this!? Ya gotta keep me aware, Amir! haha =)

toonamir said...

Wow mike, it’s so great to get a comment from you!
How did you find my blog?
I was sitting in the upper rows and people there heard you well, we enjoyed your behind the scenes stories, especially how you met Ron Mann

toonamir said...

Hey Mitch, I'll be sure to keep you updated on the next screenings!