Sunday, December 31, 2006


I've been focusing a lot on human characters lately,
so I thought I'd try some animals.

I think what connects people with animals is that they show pure emotion. Since they have no sense of consciousness, they don't disguise their reaction to suit the situation. That's the tough part about seeing a hurt animal, their expression of pain is pure, they never "hold it in".


Mitch K said...

Our bodies are structured almost completely the same to other mammals as well... but hey, we're animals too!

I like these a lot. Lots of contrasts and curves! I really like that top guy's tongue. haha

Even though the second is less detailed, the first seems more graphic with the straight horizontal and vertical masses.

Awesome solid stuff! =)

toonamir said...

Thanks Mitch,
The Lower one was a part of a series of warm ups, and the upper one was the final. I love curves and contrasts, if you push it, your subject become a bit less recognized, and the viewer actually spends more time looking. Which is good In my opinion

William said...

That top one is ruddy brilliant with the shading. Not necessarily my style but all the lines and shit flow perfectly. You aced it.