Monday, January 01, 2007

Bogie in Gouache

The drawing took about 2 minutes and the painting about 2 hours. Believe it or not, the Non-symmetrical eyes are intentional. I never really liked Gouache, but now I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. (Haww Haww!)


Coelasquid said...

Dude, awesome job staying motivated like that. It's paying off too, love the charicature. Sexy lips ;)

toonamir said...

LOL, Thanks Kelly!

WIL said...

Nice Bogey, Amir!

Eduardo Pasaoa said...

Nice one Amir! Great to see that you're doing some pieces during the break. It looks great!

Oh, on another note, I'm thinking of adding you to my links, if you don't mind, since I said before back during school that I will be making a blog as well. Like I said, your stuff is really good! Keep it up!

toonamir said...

Wil- Cool to get your comment!

Ed- Sure, Link ahead!
And welcome to Blogger!

Mitch K said...

Heyy Cool! I like all of the asymmetry! Lots of interest in this one! It's great that you're trying to push your painting skills too.

But what happened to his cigg??

enzo avolio said...

C0000l Bogey!
All your hard work is paying off!

Thomps said...

nice job! i also happen to like how you showed a bit of the process you took to go about the painting. have you tried using water color paints at all? they can be really fun to use when doing charactures of people in your sketch book. you can get some pretty neat "on the go" sorta water color kits that come with a small brush that connects to a tube that you fill with water. anyway keep up the good work.

toonamir said...

Mitch- Thanks, I aimed for asymmetry! A straight object like the cigarette would interfere with the flow, so I left it out.

Enzo- Thank you, that means a lot to me!
Been looking at some work, new and old, and noticed the progress.

Thomps- I love the process, I always like to see development sketches, so I share mine.
Water colors are great, they actually allow a lot of spontaneously, Gouache is so sturdy, it has a will of its own. Using it is like making a stubborn kid eat his vegetables.