Friday, January 05, 2007

Marilyn in Gouache

This is the last of the series...for now. I need to pack my things and head back to Oakville, School starts monday!


danSEDDON said...

Amir, Your gouache skills are getting mad good, its such a pain man and I really admire that you are practicing it even when you dont need too. this just goes to show how much you love art and how much you are willing to do to master it, keep it up man.

toonamir said...

Appreciate it Dan!

Keeping it up is the plan, drawing isn't just a hobby for me, or an occupation, its a need.

Mitch K said...

Even though I like your first painting more (actually, it's the drawing I like), this one is still pretty pleasing. Lots of nice curves vs sharp points -- great stuff!

Why is it that when you make a drawn chick's hair bump way off her head she becomes cute? Then again, I like chicks in real life with messy hair.

toonamir said...

Mitch, along with framing the head, hair is a part of character design just like the face.

For instance, In “The Lion King” Scar’s mane is spiky and sharp, it interacts with his razor like eyes, nose and chin to complete his evil look. Whereas Mufasa’s mane is rounder and calmer (Taller and heaver than Simba’s, to imply his age)
Every line we choose personalizes our characters.

I chose Marilyn’s haircut in “Some Like It hot” it’s not her trademark, but it gives her warmer beauty.

R.A. MacNeil said...

Cool painting.