Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yay, Reading night!

Sarah's reading nights are fun, we gather around, read amusing texts, act them out and sing ye olde folk songs (mostly improvised). As you may have guessed I draw caricatures even while I'm on break from drawing, here are 3 of the popular participants.
When Guillaume saw his caricatured self, he gleefully uttered "I'm cooool" with his heavy French accent. how right he is.


Mitch K said...

Haha We can hardly call it "Sarah's" reading night -- she went to bed!


It's kind of everyones' reading night. Including your's now too!

Why didn't I see THESE drawings last night? They REALLY look like the regulars. I'm impressed! Keep it going!

toonamir said...

Yeah its really everybody's night, everybody brings their own originality and accent to it, got to know about it when meeting Sarah though. So it's originally Eliot's idea?

brockorama said...

Damn these are good. I'm gonna get my ass kicked in our caricature battle!

toonamir said...

Looking forward to the battle!
I come in peace though, you won't leave in pieces. We should really push our caricatures!!!

Mitch K said...

Whoa whoa, a battle? Pika!

Oh... Pokémon isn't cool anymore?

Yea, my caricatures suck! You're are always good.

Braden said...

amirs caricatures are superb! post the ape post the ape post the ape! :D hahahahaha thats one i want to save as on to my harddrive baby! These ones are top notch too! damnit, i always use !!!! far too much.