Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next year's homework: part 2

Weight lift & Toss assignment

Wanted to get a sense of effort into this one. Oh, How I love rubber hose animation!

Speaking of which, Check out the Fleischer cartoons posted on Dailymotion
: "The Dancing Fool" , and "Betty Boop's Museum" are especially great. They are pure cartoons (A term I first heard from Mitch) with unrestrained humor, joy and imagination.

Btw, I will add a face of the Toss!


Mr said...

Wow! Great work. I like how the construction is still visible. It has weight and exists in 3d space.

Thomps said...

really nice sense of weight going on here amir; the faical expressions are also well done. you're well ahead of the game! soo on that note i expect to see some run / walk cycles by this time next week!
by the way, was this all done in flash? if so it seems i really need to get with the times and discover what that program has to offer.

amir avni said...

Thanks Mr. and Chris!

Yes, this was drawn in flash with a Wacom tablet. Do play around with it, fun to work with!

danSEDDON said...

Way to make me feel like im wasting my summer doing nothing Amir. JEEZE, just kidding, I really like these 2 animtaions man The rubber hose style that Youve used works well, and the expressions are so fun to look at. I was thinking of getting a head start on some of the upsoming projects Do uou know which one is due first man, keep it up and I hope your having a good summer

amir avni said...

Hi Dan, glad you liked it, the waveboat assignment comes first. Playing a lot of Soccer nowadays?

LeoBro said...

Amir, I found this through JohnK's site. I especially love this clip -- the baby trying to pucker his face outward, in order to gain balance is hilarious!