Saturday, November 17, 2007


I went to my blog to see what was new and sank into a long depression when there was no update in site. Then it hit me...I'm the moderator. So I spent the rest of the afternoon coloring this drawing for posting. I drew it before Mayerson's class on Thursday, I haven't drawn anything purely for fun in a long time.
We actually got free tickets to see Baewoulf from one of our teachers, and I was about to go see it with Alex and King in Toronto, but I didn't want to miss the end of Pete's lecture.

The clean-up was done on tracing paper, which provides the creative texture for this scan, I decided not to remove the dirt, since I was going for the rough unshaven manly look, even though he's wearing a bra.

I used a limited pallete, for instance, Baywolf's toenails are the same color as his eyes. I learned a lot about using limited palletes from Nick Thornborrow, he did an excellent job color-styling his short "The Foolish Bet". Art students- I highly recommend apprenticing talented peers.

As for the tagline, I just merged a bunch of movies which I can't tell apart.


Mitch K said...

Hahaha That's awesome!

Commercials usually do a great job of getting people hyped about their movies.... but Beowulf's commercials aren't doing much for me (it's definitely the characters). I don't understand why anyone would take REAL actors, kill them, then puppet their carcases around the stage.

amir avni said...

Mitch! ya little bugger! Are you back from your sister's wedding? When are we gonna see you?

I second your opinion, what's the point of mo-capping the actor for a model that is just a zombie version of themselves? too much control creates a movie without a soul.

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

I'd rather see your character in the movie than the way they have it now. Especially if you keep everything else in the film the same