Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pete's expression assginment

Pete has provided us with models of his characters and assigned us to draw 4 distinctive expressions for each.

As usual, I started with getting the character on model with practice drawings.

Here they are...*drum roll*...




I worked really hard on the top ones, they consist of several stages of roughs and cleanup, the latter was drawn once, all on one page, I guess it looks more spontaneous that way.

Tune in next week and see this guy in side splitting action.



Mitch K said...

Heh heh you kept the 'skeptical' pose. The nose-milk is my favorite.

Awesome stuff! Nice a soliddd.

roz said...

wow those are super on-model! nice stuff! only one tiny thing : i think the skeptical pose reads more as flirty than skeptical..

amir avni said...

Thanks Roz, It was intended to be a subtle flirty pose, subtextual within a conversation. Pete thought it read more as skeptical. So I took his notes and made a new more obvious flirty pose, which worked better for his taste. We kept the previous as skeptical.

Rich Dannys said...

These are all quite nice.. I particularly like the lush inklines..

But you've got what I call "the Drifty Eye.." happening in some of your 3/4 shots.. Especially in the "Scared" JPEG examples. Where the foreground Eye is beginning to migrate towards the foreground Ear?

It tends to give the appearance of a slightly caved-in skull. The trick is to establish (and stick to) the CentreLine down the middle of the Face.. Basing all of your Eye positions from that.

danSEDDON said...

The milk comming out of the nose is awesome man I never even thought of adding a prop in my poses. always thinking amir. always thinking. good stuff

amir avni said...

Rich- Thanks, I'll take note!

Dan- LOL Glad you like

Clinton said...

thanks for sharing, Amir! How did you do?

Amanda said...

As you originally intended, your skeptical does seem very flirty to me. I guess just the expression would have to have been different, but it works either way. Very lovely.