Sunday, September 25, 2011

Henry Walk Cycle

Here is a walk cycle of Andrew Chesworth's wonderful character Henry.

Andrew set the timing, spacing and tone with his rough animation keys and I proceeded to flesh-out and complete the cycle based on the model sheet and our correspondence. Like the Scarlet Walk Cycle posted previously, the work really grew from Andrew's specific notes!  These have also been my first few times animating in Photoshop, which has turned out to be a really great experience!


John Hill said...

That's really nice. Can you talk more about your process of animating in Photoshop? I'm an animation instructor, but also a grad student, and I've found your documentation of your student film to be incredibly helpful and insightful. Thank you for being so open with your information!

Amir Avni said...

Hi John
It's really nice to get a comment like yours!
I made a screenshot explaining the basics of the Photoshop animation interface, It's thanks to Andrew that I know how to use it! I learn a lot from his tips and pointers!
Play around with it a bit and let me know if you have questions. I'm really glad you found the documentation of "The Barley Way" to be helpful, the good thing about being open is that people open up to you as well! I really like the animation of the dragon and flag on your blog!

Maya Shavzin said...

This is brilliant!
ill have to give it a try :)

i think this also ties in with making GIF animations, which i've been wondering about.

Thanks, Amir!