Monday, October 10, 2011

Dulce Ball Z

Just for the fun of it, I drew Dulce in an Anime style

I started with the rough below

Then I proceeded to do a structured and clean version on tracing paper

The drawing was influenced primarily by Mink from "Dragon-Half", it's my favorite anime, too bad there's only 2 episodes! There is a longer Manga series that is also fun. Ryusuke Mita draws the most appealing Manga girls to my taste.
I was also inspired by Yoko from "Gurren Lagann", thank heavens there's 27 episodes of that incredible show! Highly recommended. Hiroyuki Imaishi's animation direction has real punch!

And for those of you who like the result as much as I do, here is a free wallpaper, Enjoy!

  Macintosh widescreen (1521 × 968) Wallpaper


Aaron Long said...

Great picture! I love the way you always go into so much detail about your influences and inspiration. I'll have to check out Dragon-Half. I haven't seen Gurren Lagann, but I love Imaishi's work on other stuff I've seen, particularly Dead Leaves.

Amir Avni said...

Thanks Aaron!
It means a lot to me that the research and influences are noticed and appreciated, especially by awesome cartoonists such as yourself!

I'm really glad you like Imaishi's work! Dead Leaves has many merits, I also like the episode he directed of "RE: Cutie Honey", great timing and pacing, strong poses, visual variety and punchy animation. His stuff is really cartoony!

Dragon-Half is on youtube and highly recommended!

Aaron Long said...

Yeah, the RE: Cutie Honey episode, and his recent show Panty and Stocking, are pretty cool. He's got such an instantly recognizable style. I love when anime directors are allowed to really put their own personality into their work. Have you seen the anime film Mind Game? Its director, Masaaki Yuasa, has a sort of similarly over-the-top style.

Amir Avni said...

Yes exactly! his stuff explodes with personality!
I've seen a bit of Mind Game, I should get a hold of the entire film, good call!!

Mitch K said...

GREAT STUFF Amir! Great to see new drawings from you.

Those two shows you mentioned are awesome -- I love 'em!

Mick said...

great shapes in that