Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Scott Caple's recent post reminded me I have yet to share my trip to the U.S of A

Ah, Sunny California! What a treat after a long Canadian winter!
I stayed with my friend JoJo, he was a great host.
JoJo is the archive assistant, and his friends Alex and Kelsey are loyal volunteers at the Archive, they do great work.

And speaking of the Archive, what is a trip to LA without helping out my ol' buddy Steve?

If you're not into cartoons, then you should at least go there for the music,
Here Steve performs a beautiful rendering to the old folk song "Barnacle Bill the Sailor",
Which can be heard in the classic Fleischer cartoons "Barnacle Bill" (with Betty Boop) and "Beware of Barnacle Bill" (with Popeye), I was first introduced to Fleischer cartoons by Steve when I was 14, and they've been among my favorites since.

Our friend Mike Fontanelli visited often, working passionately on wonderful Al Capp posts.

I was doing image processing and tagging, and donated the book "Rube Goldberg vs. The Machine Age"

As said, Scott Caple was in town, Aside for being a great artist, He's a film and history fan, who appreciates great artwork and craftsmanship, so I invited him to the Archive, He came there with his friend Kevin, and they were both blown away, It was fun!

Foodles from a generous John K. Pizza education session

And of course, when you're on vacation, you should go to the Zoo, It's simply what the doctor prescribed, because there you see everyone's favorite laughter factor: crazy monkeys in swing!

When I came back from the Zoo, JoJo and Alex had finished class, Alex asked me if I've been to the aviary, because there's a Bird there that looks like Tex Avery, I haven't seen it, I wonder if that's why they call it the Aviary.

I'd like to thank Will Finn, Kent Butterworth, Sherm Cohen, Eddie Fitzgerald, Mike Kazalah, Claudio Riba, Sue Kroyer, Joe Haidar, the students at Woodbury University , and JD Mata, it was great to meet you! Looking forward to next time!



Camari Xela said...

hey amir,

i'm working on the asifa hollywood wikipedia. can i use your image of the archive for the wikipedia article?

amir avni said...

Hi Camari

You mean This Image?
If so, It's OK with me.

Maybe you should also ask Steve, I don't know if there's other rights involved besides who took the picture.

Camari Xela said...

>>Maybe you should also ask Steve, I don't know if there's other rights involved besides who took the picture.<<

As long as your the foto man, it's cool if I have your permission. Here's the updated wiki.

Btw, Amir. If you anagram my name, it's alex camari. short for alex camarillo. i meet you one day while you were volunteering at the archive.

Mitch K said...

Haha Amir! it sounds like you had one heck of a time. I wish I could have joined you!

Marc Deckter said...

Steve's rendition of Barnacle Bill is the best!

Mitch L said...

Nice vacation. Seems like you've seen and really did allot of things.

And allready go back to school?

amir avni said...

Oh, Alex Camarillo, I didn't know it was you! How was the CalArts show?
The Wiki looks good

Mitch Kennedy- It'll be cool if you join!

Marc- I agree!

Mitch Leeuwe- It was a good adventure! School starts in September.

Anonymous said...
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